IFRS Teaching Workshop

Tuesday, 28th April 2015  -  09:30–12:00
Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Glasgow

This workshop forms part of a series of regional IFRS teaching workshops to encourage and support a Framework-based approach to teaching IFRS that is designed to develop students’ ability to make the necessary judgements and estimates.

The ability to make reasoned, informed judgments and estimates is crucial to appropriate application of IFRS. Framework-based teaching is the best way to educate students to enable them to make those judgments and estimates. Framework-based teaching helps students understand the objective of and the concepts underlying financial reporting, thereby helping them understand the “why” of IFRS requirements and not just the “how.” Understanding the “why” forms the foundation for their ability to make the judgments and estimates necessary to apply IFRS. Framework-based teaching also provides students with long-lasting knowledge of IFRS—requirements in IFRS change with every new standard issued, whereas the concepts underlying IFRS live for decades. This is the approach I use to teach my students and highly recommend it to all teachers of IFRS.” (Mary Barth, Professor of Accounting, Stanford University)

In this workshop we will demonstrate how to introduce measurement and equity compensation issues to students using the Framework-based teaching across a range of IFRS classes in both the CA/CPA/equivalent and the MBA streams. Those participating in the workshop will be expected to read the provided teaching material before the workshop so that they can actively participate in it.


09:30  -  Introduction 
              Michael (Mike) Wells, Director, IFRS Education Initiative, IASB

09:45  -  Cross-cutting measurement issues
              A collection of mini case studies
Mike Wells, Director, IFRS Education Initiative, IASB

10:30  -  Fair value measurement
              Mary Barth, Professor of Accounting, Stanford University and formerly IASB member

11:15  -  Equity compensation and its financial statement effects
              Alan Jagolinzer, Associate Professor of Accounting, Leeds School of Business,
              University of Colorado at Boulder and Academic Fellow, 
IFRS Education Initiative
              (January to June 2015), IASB

12:00  -  Close

For information about the IFRS Foundation’s Framework-based teaching project including free-to-download teaching material designed to support those teaching IFRS to develop their student’s ability to make the judgements and estimates necessary to apply IFRS please visit